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Cathedrals is Wales, Liverpool, Coventry, Town Hall Organs

Chichester - Three Cathedrals Festival.

Historic London Organ & Farnborough Abbey Cavaille-Coll

Westminster Abbey & Four London Churches

Background on Bob

A fixture on thirteen Tours from 1998 - 2010, Bob passed away in October, 2014

A Tribute to Robert S. Macdonald

Chester and Leicester Cathedrals, return to London

July 28

July 24-28

July 22 & 23

July 21

July 19 & 20

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We are now starting to plan tour number twenty-eight. Since the first tour in 1989, we have now played 221 organs: all forty-three Anglican Cathedrals in England, sixteen other cathedrals and sixteen Abbeys in the UK; thirty-two College or school Chapels; twenty-five Town or Concert Halls; and, eighty-nine large or historic parish church organs in the U.K. and Ireland. And  we have visited the shops of six of England’s finest organ builders. Our goal is for every tour participant to be able to play all the organs on the tour.

And to enjoy these tours, you do not need to be an organist — you can just simply enjoy great music, architecture, art and the many optional visits to castles, museums and exquisite English gardens.

July 30

Southwark Cathedral-London


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Westminster Abbey

Liverpool Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral

Video of Bob playing Crown Victoria on the organ at Westminster Abbey.

2016 Tour - London, Oxford, Wales, Liverpool

Q & A about the tour

New:  Six and Seven day Itinerary Options