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Cathedrals, Castles and Gardens—Organ Tours of Great Britain

We are now planning tour number twenty-seven. Since the first tour in 1989, we have now played 215 organs: all forty Anglican Cathedrals in England, sixteen other cathedrals and fifteen Abbeys in the UK; thirty College or school Chapels; twenty-five Town or Concert Halls. And, eighty-six large or historic parish church organs in the U.K. and Ireland. And  we have visited the shops of six of England’s finest organ builders. Our goal is for every tour participant to be able to play all the organs on the tour.

And to enjoy these tours, you do not need to be an organist — you can just simply enjoy great music, architecture, art and the many optional visits to castles, museums and exquisite English gardens.

Robert (Bob) Clement —


Leslie Peart — Director


2015 TOUR— Documents

Itinerary                       Brochure

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2014 TOUR

Itinerary                   Brochure                 Pamphlet

 Videos from 2014 Tour

             Southwark CathedralLondon (Andrew Davidson, Now Thank We All OutrGod—Karg-Elert)

             Farnborough Abbey Organ Demonstration (Neil Wright, organist)

             St. Edmundsbury Cathedral  – Bill Callaway, excerpt Saint-Saens Organ Symphony)

             Norwich CathedralAnna Jeter, Toccata Symphony V–Widor)

             Royal Festival Hall  (Leslie Peart, Rag—Scott Joplin)

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Email: robertclement@verizon.net

A Tribute to Robert S. MacDonald

(1936 - 2014)            Background

Video - playing “Crown Imperial”

          at Westminster Abbey